About Matrix Design

Matrix Design Consult Pvt.Ltd. is one of the partner organisation of Egriha.com which works as Architectural and Engineering Firm. MATRIX DESIGN CONSULT is an organization dedicated to the development of creative, knowledgeable and specific solutions for a wide range of architecture and planning projects. The highly experienced team of core associates at MATRIX DESIGN CONSULT is motivated by a culture of research, which enables us to treat each project for its individual merit. Our team is sufficiently knowledgeable about international standards in the various aspects of the development of a project. MATRIX DESIGN CONSULT, legally established in 2014 (AD),  is a service oriented consulting firm, the company offers technical consulting services for a multitude of developmental activities such as Architecture, Planning, Project Management, Socio-economic studies, Feasibility studies, Survey, Mapping, Applied Research and Civil Engineering Software Development.

Managed by a group of Innovative, dynamic and dedicated professionals, Matrix is capable of bringing together diverse talents and technologies, planning, co-ordination and guiding their efforts to achieve a smooth on-schedule performance.


The company is managed by the board of directors, who apart from providing expert services themselves mobilize the professional services of its full time staffs. The Firm has a reserve of comprehensive numbers of resource personnel, who are well-known experts and established professionals.

The Company also makes available the services of other individual consultants, each of whom is a specialist in his field. They are available to the company as and when required for consultation, in order to ensure that the company provides the highest level of services.

When complex studies and projects demand the combination of services of large numbers of disciplines, from overall planning to economics, mathematical modeling, special investigations, electrical and mechanical engineering, environmental science, operation and management, etc., the Matrix Design Consult is in a position to meet these demands.

Matrix Design Consult has the ability to offer its clients the full coverage of consulting services as special needs arise, while also helping them avoid the complications and delays, often caused by the necessity of having to deal separately with several consultants.

To expand, diversify and specializing on the consulting services, the Matrix in association with other reputed consulting firms and individuals have promoted sister organizations. The following five concerns have been established and in operational since establishment of firm.

List of services


  • Architectural Design
  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design, Planning and Conservation
  • Landscape Design and Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Property Valuation
  • Rate Analysis and Estimation

Related technical services

  • Structural Design
  • Sanitation Design
  • Electrical/Lighting Design
  • HVAC Design
  • Construction Supervision/ Project Management


Company’s Biography

Full Name of the Firm : MATRIX DESIGN CONSULT
Address : Sanepa, lalitpur-2, Nepal
Type of Organization : Private
E-mail : matrix.design@gmail.com
Date of Registration : 1st ashad, 2071: 15th June, 2014
Registration No : 123613/070/071
VAT / PAN Registration : 601886197


Working Fields

  1. Building and Architecture (Government, Non-Government, Public, Institutional and private).
  2. Soil and Foundation Engineering.
  3. Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering (Urban/ Rural /Industrial).
  4. Road (Highway, Feeder Road, Rural District Road, Market Road), Bridges (Appurtenant Structures including RCC / Steel Truss / Suspension Bridges) and Airport.
  5. Urban Planning (Master Plan, Land pooling, Guided Land Development).
  6. Master Plan and Engineering for Tourism oriented Activities.
  7. Survey (Topographic, River, Land Use, Traffic, geological, Natural Resources).
  8. Construction Supervision & Management.
  9. Industrial Planning & Engineering.
  10. Informal Education and Training.
  11. Conservation of Cultural Heritage.
  12. Rural Energy


  1. Field Investigations.
  2. Feasibility Studies.
  3. Detailed Designs and Drawings.
  4. Construction Supervision.
  5. Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation Studies.
  6. Financial Analysis and Project Management.
  7. Tender Document Preparation.
  8. Project Preparation and Design.
  9. Project Implementation and Monitoring.
  10. Asset Valuation.
  11. Quantity & Cost Estimation.


In all the fields mentioned above, the Matrix Design consult is able to provide an entire scope of Consulting Services.

Office Address

Sanepa, Lalitpur-2 Nepal

Email: matrix.consult14@gmail.com

Ph. No: 977-9841641971