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Integrative Office Building, Baireni Dhading

Client Name:DUDBC, Kathmandu

Government of Nepal has proposed  10 New Towns in the Mid hill Highway of different District of Nepal. And they have planned to build office building for all possible service required. DUDBC, a parent body of New Town had called a proposal through Design Competition to design a office building.  Integrated Office Building For New town, Baireni Dhading is one of the design competition Finalist project of Matrix Design Consult. This building is planned in semi open courtyard concept for low energy consumption inside the building. Frontal glazed portion of the building is made for heat gain inside the building. The Gained heat is made use for heating or cooling the interior space of the building by creating pressure zone. Movable ventilation on the roof of building is use for escape Hot air inside the courtyard  During the summer and store in winter season. Space for solar panel in the roof of the building is for necessary energy for the office building. Energy efficient, Socially integrated spaces & differently able friendly are the main character of the Baireni New Town Office building, Dhading.