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Saptakanya Jaldevi Park

Client Name:Bharatpur Sub-Metropolitan City, Chitwan

Site for the Saptakanya Jaldevi Park is located at Bharatpur, Chitwan Nepal. It lies on the by-pass Road of Bharatpur Sub Metropolitian City. According to topographic survey carried out by our team of surveyors, the total area of the park is 4741.9square Meter. Beautiful landscaping, pavilion, walkways to allow easy access throughout the park, seating areas, chautaris, proper parking area and shades form the basic amenities of the park. A separate Bhajan house also been proposed in the master plan. Much Effort has been made during the master plan phase so as to making it a safe, fun place to bring citizens of not only Chitwan but whole Nepal where they can relax, enjoy and play with the ambient soothing environment.
General Design Consideration
1.0. Site condition
2.0. Universal accessibility
3.0. Crime prevention through design
4.0. Separation of active and passive spaces
5.0. Positive interaction between users
6.0. Youth and children facilities